Announcement 5/1/2020

We are back! We do not have as many servers going as we used to however I do plan to expand just not gonna over do it.

Connection info.

MC Server - mcempire.net
TS Server - TBD

Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on MCEmpire Resurrected. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum Rules

    1. Posting

      Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be given a warning. #
    2. Attitude and Respect

      Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning. #
  2. MCEmpire Server Rules

    1. Global Rules(Serverwide)

      Breaking ANY rules will lead to a warning and/or ban if serious enough.

      No Harrassment, Abuse, Flaming
      No Cursing, CAPS, Flooding(spamming)
      No Server Advertising
      Keep the Global channel English only
      Griefing is ONLY allowed on faction worlds.
      Griefing your own faction is NEVER allowed. #
    2. What is considered griefing

      Stealing items from another users chests/furnaces
      Building on or in another users building/property
      Destroying any blocks placed by another user
      It is not considered griefing if you have asked for permission from the property's owner.
      Joining factions just to steal from them for your own personal gain. This will result in a ban.

      Legal Griefing
      Griefing enemy factions is allowed. Once their faction power is low enough, you may claim their territory and do whatever you like with it. You can check their faction power by typing "/f show <factionname>" and claim by typing "/f claim". #
    3. Rules about building

      Ghost houses will be removed, any chest contents will be stored.(These are houses obviously abandoned by the lack of any activity or updates made to them over time)
      DO NOT build within the main cities or on/in others buildings.
      DO NOT build inappropriate creations.(such as certain body parts or hate symbols)
      DO NOT interfere with other creations while building your own (Unless given permission by that creator.)

      Creative World - Tatooine

      Griefing is NEVER allowed on this world.
      Once again, no inappropriate creations.
      You can claim a plot by typing "/plotme auto". Plots enable only you and people you specifically allow to build in that area. This prevents most grief. #
    4. Items

      Any of the following will result in severe punishments:
      -Duplicating items
      -Illegally obtaining items
      -Carrying over items from creative to survival worlds. #
    5. Hoth/Factions

      Griefing is allowed between factions. Griefing just to grief is not allowed.
      Never join a faction just to steal it''s stuff.
      No combat logging. (Logging off and on to disorient your enemy. This also includes going to spawn or a home via command in the middle of a fight.)
      No kill spamming. (Killing the same players over and over again.)
      If you die, your loot will be taken by your opponent.
      Multiple violations of PvP will result in bans.

      Spawn Camping
      Spawn camping is not allowed. Do not stay outside spawn in the warzone with the sole purpose to continuously kill people who come out. This applies especially to new players. Killing new players (players in the Empire faction) isn''t allowed, unless they attack you first or have armor.

      Simply put - Do not attack unarmed(unarmored) players however if attacked by them your free to defend yourself

      This rule will be enforced by the staff''s discretion. Multiple offenses will result in bans. #
    6. Chat Rules

      Asking for promotions is not allowed.
      Inappropriate language is not allowed; we do have young members on this server.
      Respect other players. Admins are people too.
      Using excessive caps may lead to a mute/tempban.
      Spamming (multiple lines, excessive punctuation, etc) may lead to a mute/tempban.
      If a staff member asks you to stop discussing a topic, please do so.
      All chat rules apply to private messages, as well as alliance and faction chat. #
    7. No Bullying - Below we describe what we consider this

      Targeting a specific player or group of players over and over again in a short time period.

      Negative chat that also targets a specific player or group of players over and over again in a short time period.

      Camping spawn just to get the noobs that come out of it.

      Bullying can come in many shapes and sizes. It has recently become an issue on this server. We are not telling our players they can''t have fun or war other factions. Quite the opposite we are saying "do that" do not sit there and pick on single players. Do not sit there and kill these two new guys that just created a faction the moment they come out of spawn time and time again.

      Use your head and think about your actions. #
    8. Allowed Mob Farms
      Zombie, Skeleton, and most other "normal" mobs.
      Blaze Farms are now Allowed
      Unless it''s specifically listed below consider it allowed for now.

      Prohibited Mob Farms
      Endermen Farms
      [s]Blaze Farms - Now Allowed
      Wither Skeleton
      AFK''ing at any "grinder" or farm is also strictly prohibited.

      Reasoning behind this
      Simply put it's mainly for balance. We feel the two types of farms that we prohibit are overpowered.

      If caught using a prohibited Mob farm we will simply "close" down the farm. If it becomes excessive we may add a warning however we will not be banning over this matter (unless someone acts real stupid over it then they would be subject to normal rules).

      We are currently reworking Mob Farm rules. So for now they will be allowed until further notice.
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